Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Otterbein Church Cemetery

On Monday, our friend, Mary Lou, was buried in the Otterbein Methodist Church Cemetery. As with most country churches, the gravestones reflect the history of the region.

The cemetery is located on Rt. 5 East just a few miles from Glenville.

Some graves are very old reflecting the first settlers arriving in Gilmer County. This stone has obviously been replaced by the family since Mary's death in 1850. This lady was one of the amazing ladies who lived to a ripe old age of 100.

John Lynch was born in Ulster, Ireland about 1745. He emigrated to America, where he married Mary Moore, who was of Irish descent but born in America in 1750. Mary died in Gilmer county VA (WV) after 1850. She is listed in the household of George in the 1850 Gilmer County VA (WV) census as 100 years of age.

There is a huge (and very old) hemlock tree guarding the cemetery.

As I walk the grounds, I think about each of the individuals and wonder what stories these folks could tell. As I have said many times, as one gets older you realize that family stories are so important.


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