Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Largest Erection In Gilmer County

OK- I am chuckling to myself about the blog title! I am wondering how many folks are searching the internet for risque and erotic subject matter and arrive here to see we are celebrating the erection of the new Ellyson Funeral Home.

If you remember this important Gilmer County business and also the home of our Van Horn neighbors were destroyed by fire this spring. Terry, Denise, Lee, and their family have worked hard on reestablishing their losses. The huge erection crane was certainly impressive! The following photos are courtesy of Denise's Facebook page.

Site preparation involved preparing the footers.

When the erection crane arrived, it was time to lift the modules in place.

Things are now starting to look like a home and business.

How exciting for the community! Congratulations to the Ellyson family!


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