Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day After Rituxan

Morning all! This is my report on infusion one of Rituxan. Judy and I arrived at WVU Cancer Center at 8:00 A.M. for blood tests and the establishment of my IV in the ole arm. Dr. Craig met with us at 9:00. We are still staying "What a special man!"

Infusion started around 10:00. Rituxan has to be administered slowly so that if there are side effects during infusion they can be addressed quickly. Every 30 minutes the dosage of Rituxan was increased. The drug dosage started at 40 ml per hour, then 80, then 120, then 160... increasing to 200ml after another 1/2 hour.... we kept increasing (240, 280) until a maximum drip dosage of 320 ml per hour was maintained. After every 30 minutes my vitals were monitored (blood pressure, respiration, oxygen, and temperature).

I had no side effects and all went well. I did head for the bed when we got home. I was, indeed, a tired puppy. The next infusion will be in two weeks.

I talked with the good sister this morning who has started her own battle with lymphoma. We discussed our experiences and Judy said.. "I really believe that in fighting cancer a positive attitude, a support group of family and friends, having a meaning faith, and a facility and staff that treat you as a special patient are all essential.

Judy and I believe we have been blessed with all these!


Blogger Granny Sue said...

I agree with Judy. You're fighting a good fight and doing it with humor and a good outlook, as well as a strong support group. Continuing to keep you in my prayers.

6:23 AM  
Blogger Jim Meads said...

Granny Sue - We can always count on YOU!! Thanks for sharing..

Love ya!


6:46 AM  

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