Friday, August 13, 2010

Smokehole Caverns

Thought I would post a few of Jeff and Sarah's pics of this past weekend's visit to Smokehole Caverns. The tour always starts with the "moonshine display"! Local lore has it that the cave was utilized during Prohibition by moonshiners. There is only one entrance into the caverns which made it secure and with an ever present supply of fresh water it was a perfect place to produce moonshine.

Smoke Hole Caverns were opened to the public on 30 May 1940. They are located near the mouth of Smoke Hole Canyon from which the cave takes its name. They are located on WV 28 13 km west of Petersburg.

On the night of November 10/11, 2009, the Smoke Hole Caverns Gift Shop and Restaurant were completely destroyed by fire. The Caverns and local lodging facilities remain open.

The caverns are owned and operated by Jerry and Janet Hedrick.

The cave also has an artesian well.

The tourists do not realize that the artesian well is actually a pump connected to the tube going through the stalagmite. When the tour guide switches on the lights it activates the pump and behold one sees an artisian well!


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