Thursday, July 10, 2008

This Is Really My Colon!

On Tuesday, I blogged a graphic of a colon and said "This is my colon!" Well, today I may as well expose myself and play show and tell with you. Yes, this IS really my colon!

For some strange and perverse reason, upon awaking from a colonoscopy, you receive from the doctor hopefully a clean bill of health (That is not the only thing at that time that is CLEAN!) and a photo layout of your colon. Oh, joy! This photo collection is really what I want to share at family reunions. NOT!

I am trying to decide what to do with my collection of colon photos. There are several possibilities - placing them on our 2008 Christmas cards (problem- we have not mailed our 2007 cards yet.), having them enlarged into an 11X14 picture and placed in a classy frame (I am certain both of our girls would love to have a photo of ole Dad's colon on their living room wall), or laminate them onto my driver's license above where it says "Organ Donor."

My actual decision is to place them, as I have done with my previous colon photos, in the shredder. Yep, shred those photos in order to prevent identity thief. I would hate to have these photos distributed throughout the world. (chuckle)


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