Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who Is Buried Here?

No one! No one is buried here in this mystery mound located at the Gilmer County Recreation Center! This is Brenda and Jack McCartney's Pit BBQ. The beef cooks through Thursday night of the Festival. This tradition was started in the late 1960's by Harlan Hogue. As time passed, Harlan taught Jack the techniques of "pit roasted beef".

I arrived on Friday morning at 7 A.M. before anyone was at the pit in order that I could document the process. Jack had to work, but Henry helped Brenda uncover the pit and collect the beef roasts.

After cleaning off the top of the pit, Brenda and Henry opened the beef filled cavity.

Here are the individually muslin wrapped beef roasts.

It is a wonderful aroma and even better taste. You need to order some beef next year from these folks!


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