Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Ventral Hernia!

On July 2nd, our 41st wedding anniverary, I was admitted to United Hospital Center for a morning hernia operation. All went well if you call 11 holes in your belly where various instruments used in the surgery were inserted. When I awoke, my bride was with me as we are always there for each other during the many exciting times in our lives.

Here are a couple of graphics showing the insertion of some of the instruments in my belly. Thank heavens I was out in sleepland during this procedure.

A high tech mesh is inserted over the hernia which corrects the defect.

You will notice that I have not included actual photos of my belly. (I know you all are surprised.) My abs are not as defined as the graphics above, but that not the real problem. It seems they did not inform me that LARGE areas of the chest and hinterlands would be deforested! I mean the folks "clearcut the forest" when it came to hair removal. I have worked 61 years cultivating the fur coat on my belly, and within a microsecond it was gone.

I now will be scatching until the "pelage" returns. (Pelage is the biologist's word for the the hair, fur, or wool that covers a mammal.) Tomorrow, the staples that close the ports will hopefully be removed. I am looking for a chest and belly hair piece in the Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog. I need something to temporary cover my baldness when wearing my thong!


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