Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2008 WV State Folk Festival
Evolution of the Dance Platform

The Folk Festival officially starts tomorrow in beautiful downtown Glenville. It is a great occasion and the weather is going to be superb!

One of the many unique things of the Festival is the dance platform constructed downtown. Danny Waters and John Waddell are the construction experts. Below is the platform before it goes on the street. The platform is constructed each year board by board. Danny is starting to unload the lumber.

It is now time to begin placing the 4X4's in the correct location.

Now time for the 2X4's.

All the lumber is screwed together. No nails are ever used in the dance platform.

Here is Danny with the first of the 4X8 pieces of plywood that make up the surface of the dance platform.

Almost finished!

Tomorrow night this location will be hopping with square dancing and old-time music. The Festival begins tomorow at 4 P.M. with the Opening Ceremony and the Bell Ringing.


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