Saturday, March 01, 2008

Yes, Another Internet Hoax!

It is always amazing how fast internet hoaxes spread. This Mountain Lion was supposedly killed by an auto near Grantsville and Walker Creek in Calhoun. If you know anything about Mountain Lions in West Virginia, then you realize the only ones captured were a western subspecies and were released critters - probably kept as pets. The two specimens captured several years ago were shipped to French Creek Game Farm.

Rumors of populations of Mountain Lions have been reported for years especially in the Dolly Sods region. It is difficult to document any sightings and an animal has never been collected.

Our friend Diana heard about the huge mountain lion being killed. We discussed the news and decided that we guessed the carcass would never be located even though rumors always state that the WV Department of Natural Resources was given the specimen. We were correct!

The photos are of Arizona DPS Officer Jason Ellico who is posing with a large Mountain Lion that Marshall and Barbara Rader’s truck hit north of Williams, Arizona .

Next time we will see reports of massive 50 foot tarantulas crawling from a cave in Pendleton County and devouring the residents of Franklin, West Virginia.


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