Wednesday, February 27, 2008

African Footprints

Monday night, we went to WVU's Fine Arts Center to see the production of AFRICAN FOOTPRINT. We were treated to the production by daughter Sarah and her family.

AFRICAN FOOTPRINT tells the vibrant and diverse history of South Africa through a breathtaking blend of Afro- and Euro-centric music and dance. A cast of 30 energetic performers has created a show so exciting and entertaining that critics have dubbed AFRICAN FOOTPRINT “The Riverdance of South Africa ”.

The show started out with a neat set and superb drummers. The fog (actually a petroleum product used in theatrical performances) came rolling onto the stage to create a mysterious effect. Technology then stopped the show for about 30 minutes. As the drummers departed the stage, strobe lights flashed and an automated voice said, "There is a fire in the building, please exit in an orderly manner!" Yes, the fog had tripped the fire alarm system. It took about 1/2 hour to vent the material from the stage. The performance was restarted and went without any problems. (I must say that the settings on the fog machine were most likely changed to minimum output!)

In 1998, South African Performer/Producer Richard Loring started a school for disadvantaged South African youth interested in performance. When CNN decided to broadcast Millennial Festivities, on New Years Eve 1999, from the prison cell where Mandela had been held at Robben Island , Loring’s troupe was invited to perform. The performance, broadcast around the world, became the launching pad for AFRICAN FOOTPRINT. Since its splashy conception, AFRICAN FOOTPRINT has played for seven years in South Africa , 2½ years touring Europe, as well as numerous engagements throughout Australia , China , Israel and India . The show has been seen by over 250 million audience members, including luminaries such as Bill Clinton, HRH Prince Charles and Nelson Mandela.

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