Friday, February 22, 2008

Bob Henry Baber’s Memory Pieces

Bob Henry Baber treated us this afternoon to a tour of his exhibit of original folk art. The exhibit is appearing this month in GSC’s Fine Arts Gallery. Bob Henry Baber is a professor, artist, and writer. He works with Glenville State College’s Foundation Office.

Memory pieces are original and very personal works of art. Simply one finds an object that tile adhesive grout will stick to. Once covering your jar (hubcap, tray, gourd, bottle, etc.) with adhesive, then the art begins. Items are added to the jar and the memories start to take form.

Bob Henry was introduced to memory jars when he gave a hitch hiker a ride many years ago. Upon arriving at the hitch-hiker’s home, Bob Henry noticed the memory jar below on the mantle and was intrigued as to its history. The fellow gave it to Bob Henry and Memory Piece Art quickly took root in the Baber household. This original jar is the only piece not created by Bob Henry. According to Bob, this piece was created in 1955 in Gadsden, Alabama.

Here are a few examples of his creations.

The piece below is "Royal Lemons".

Our friend Duane Chapman purchased this piece entitled"Spiderrific."

I love this one entitled "for morticians, death is breathtaking."

The piece below is a child's castle on a silver tray and was created for WV First Lady, Gayle Manchin.

Remember any object can most likely be used as a foundation. How about the memory trunk below?

Bob Henry poses by his large piece entitled "wishing you well." I must say that when I left the exhibit, HAPPY is the word I would use to describe these art pieces.


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