Thursday, February 09, 2012

Visiting With The Men

Guess you all wondered where we were for the past week. The answer is that we looked after the grandsons while Jeff and Sarah went on a short vacation to Turks and Caicos.

They left for Pittsburgh on Wednesday night after tucking in the boys. Sam had no school on Thursday because of kindergarten per-registration for next fall. Grandpa had time that morning to make his famous snake pancakes.

After breakfast, I took Nate to his school. As you see, the kids were studying firemen and firetrucks.

The kids did expend some energy in their bouncy house. We thought that it would be good before supper.. go to the playground by the Deegan and Hinkle lakes. It was fun watching the kids slide and climb.

On Saturday, Grandma and I took Sam to the basketball game at the Clarksburg YMCA. Velva stayed with Nate. Sam's team (yellow) played the black team. It is cool to see how the young folks learn the game. The coaches and referee did a great job teaching the rules of the game.

After the game, we were going to take Sam to IHop for lunch. There was a waiting time at that restaurant so we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. Sam enjoyed watching the plethora of sports on the TVs around the room.

Sunday, I took Sam to his soccer clinic. Nate and Grandma played at the house and read books. I was thinking how I now have learned to really appreciate the role of sports in a kid's life.

Sarah and Jeff returned on Monday night.

Tuesday morning I had time to check out the active beaver dam located near Sarah and Jeff''s home.

Before we left the house for home, Nate came bouncing down the stairs. He was ready to make a touchdown! Oh, what joy!


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