Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Happy February!

It is certainly spring in the house. The peach amaryllis is blooming. This critter did not bloom last year and I planted it outside and then took it in for the winter. After potting it several weeks ago, it finally took off. It has three large flowers and a second stalk is coming up with more flowers. Hurray! The African violets are blooming with gusto! This violet started out as a single leaf and was given to me by Sadie Kelble.

Judy came home the other day from the grocery store with a gift for me. The critter is also starting to bloom its heart out.

WAIT! While the house plants are blooming, what is happening out in our flower gardens in the yard. With the temperatures in the sixties, the plants are also reacting in spring-like fashion. There are buds on the Lenten Rose.

The daffodils also have flower buds appearing!

What are the yellow critters blooming the first day of February?

Why the aconites are up and blooming!

Our snowdrops are also starting their production of white delicate blossoms.

And Dad's "Naked Ladies" (Resurrection plant) are up about three inches.

I am certain that we will have more cold weather, but these past two days have been a joy. It is always a joy to see our plant friends return each year!


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