Sunday, January 29, 2012

PET Scan Update

We thought you all needed an update on my progress. As you may know, Hodgkin's Lymphoma invaded this ole body and we started fighting the critter with an assortment of chemicals (ABVD therapy). That was in 2009. We were blessed. After a few short months of that toxic cocktail, all tumors were absent from the scans.

On Friday, I asked the good Dr. Craig about my prospects if I had not chosen that path. What do statistics indicate about the survival period for a person in my situation if the cancer had gone untreated? (Stage 4 - Hodgkin's) He said that survival charts would indicate that I may have had only 4-5 months to live. Dr. Craig is our super hero - along with all the caring folks who work at the WVU Cancer Center. I thank God for leading us there and for His healing power and for the support of wonderful family and friends.

Latest PET scan was on Friday (01/27/2012) and it showed I was still clear of all cancer. HURRAY!

I am still taking infusions of Rituxan every 6 months for the Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was been working great at this time.

Thanks to you all for caring about us. We always appreciate the calls and cards. We also realize that we are in so many folks thoughts. This has been a great life!


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