Wednesday, November 02, 2011

This Past Weekend

Boy, what a crazy time it has been these past several days! We stayed Thursday night with Sarah and Jeff. Sister Judy and brother-in-law Bill also stayed Thursday night at the Dodson resort.

The next day I had an appointment with Dr. Craig at the Cancer Center and sister Judy had a PET scan and followup also at the Cancer Center. Thursday evening Sarah was into cake pop production. Judy decided to help with the process.

The cake pops were certainly made in the style of a professional baker.

On Friday, Judy and Bill headed to the Cancer Center early. We left for the Cancer Center and arrived around noon. Once again we have been blessed. My Dr. Craig report was fine and Judy's PET scan was clear. We all celebrated by meeting at Muriale's Italian restaurant in Fairmont. The food here is always excellent.

Judy and Bill headed home to Spencer after the gourmet experience while we checked in once again at the Dodson household. Sarah and Jeff were preparing the boys for a neighborhood Halloween party. The boys were dressed as Angry Birds (of the computer game fame) and the parents were the birds nemesis, the Pigs!

Sarah made the bird outfits. Only problem was that they molted as they moved. By the end of the trick or treat night, they were almost Naked Birds.

On Saturday we traveled to Shepherdstown to celebrate Flora's 9th birthday. She is our Halloween grand kid. Tomorrow - a surprise when we awoke!


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