Friday, October 21, 2011


As I mentioned yesterday the beautiful colors of fall are quickly dwindling. Our porch is decorated with the trappings of the season.

You have to love the knucklehead pumpkin!

Fruits and berries are plentiful at this time. Our pyracantha is producing those wonderful orange berries. The dense thorny structure of pyracantha makes them particularly valued in situations where an impenetrable barrier is required. The aesthetic characteristics of pyracantha plants, in conjunction with their home security qualities, makes them a considerable alternative to artificial fences and walls. They are also a good shrub for a wildlife garden, providing dense cover for roosting and nesting birds, summer flowers for bees and an abundance of berries as a food source. Pyracantha berries are not poisonous as commonly thought; although they are very bitter, they are edible when cooked and are sometimes made into jelly.

Enjoy nature's bounties while they last.


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