Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Fine Evening

Last Thursday we had a great meal with old friends. Rick Sypolt, Alice Sypolt and Willa Grafton are in the back row. Judy, Jim, Seva Hickman, Joe Hickman, and Ed Grafton are in the front row. The Graftons live in Braxton County. Ed was long time chairman of the GSC Forestry Department. Willa was one of my students who excelled in all classes she took. Rick and Alice are long time friends and live in Glenville. Rick is still teaching in the GSC Forestry Department and is the second oldest tenured person at GSC. Joe Hickman is retired from the college (GSC and New River) and live in Summersville. The Hickmans have been exceptional friends and we share a plethora of life stories. Seva worked in the Food Service at GSC and have known her since I was a kid living in Grantsville.

We met at PJ Berry's in Sutton. It was a wonderful evening!


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