Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Armory

We took Grandma Great to the Spencer National Guard Armory to view the crafts. Outside the building, folks had setup a flea market and the crafts displays were located inside. We were not impressed with the quality of the crafts.

Brother-in-law Bill was busy at the Eastern Star table selling knives and home baked yummies.

Judy found us an easy target and we left with a black walnut pie, a pecan pie, and a raisin pie.

The pies were all homemade by the Spencer Eastern Star. They made around 300 pies. All but 10 were sold by the end of the Festival.

The Spencer armory will be closing in September when the Spencer units move into a larger consolidated facility near Ripley. Rumor is that the National Guard has sold the building to the city of Spencer for one dollar.

I love people watching and the Black Walnut Festival did not disappoint.


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