Thursday, November 03, 2011


The first snow of the season was certainly early this year. It was snowing in Bridgeport when we crawled out of bed Saturday morning. Should we travel this day to Shepherdstown? We called our friend, David Gillespie, who lives in Frostburg, to see how the snow storm was developing along I-68. David said they had about 9 inches of snow on top the cars but he thought by afternoon that the roads would be clear. The highway department in that neck of the woods has the experience of snow removal and they do a great job.

The roads were, indeed, clear. Many tree limbs were down due to the weight of the wet snow on branches that still held leaves. We arrived in Shepherdstown and checked into the Clarion around 5 PM.

Judy and I had a good meal with Rachael, John, Lucy, and Flora as well as with John's parents, Jim and Jane Meeker, who were visiting from Arizona. Nanna Jane baked Flora's birthday cake -- a witch's castle, since Flora is a Halloween baby.
The stained glass windows were made of candy orange slices heated in the oven and then rolled flat. The castle crenelations were the old candy of our childhoods, banana-flavored circus peanuts. The cake was even prettier than this picture shows.
Good job Nanna Jane!

Tomorrow - Flora's Birthday Party.


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