Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Cria Is Born!

For those not into camels and the like, a cria (pronounced cree-ah) is the name for a baby camelid such as a llama, alpaca, vicuna, or guanaco. It comes from the Spanish word cría, meaning "baby". Its false cognat in English, crya (pronounced cry-ah), was coined by British sailors who explored Chile in the 18th century and were quick to describe the camelids onomatopoeically according to the mwa sound they made, which was not unlike that of a human crying baby.

Enough of the lesson and to the point! Congratulations to Bruce and Deb Farmer on their new baby alpaca! The beast was born yesterday at noon! Birth weight was 13 pounds! It is a girl!

Deb was so excited.  She said, "we did wrap her in a towel and I sewed and tied a lamb coat on her because the temp. is to drop tonight. Her color is much like her Mother's and that will be fantastic!"

Congratulations on the arrival of the new critter!


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