Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Off To The Market

Last Saturday, we took the girls to the Farmers Market after a great breakfast at The Common Place.

Below is a great lady with Flora. The cycle continues with this photo. Kim Jones was Rachael's (Flora's Mom) first grade teacher. We are so lucky to have had our girls taught by Miss Kim.

Another of our friends was busy with a cooking demonstration. Margie was making summer squash stir fry. It was yummy.

The girls selected a cantaloupe to take home.

Grandma always can be found doing what she does the best - talking!

Dottie and Fran were visiting, which is such a positive aspect of our market.

Terry is with her family once again selling her delicious breads and other baked goods.

I am so glad we are able to share this market experience with our girls.


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