Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Story Telling Tent

Storytelling and poetry have been a part of the Festival for the past several years. What a talented group of folks!

Ilene Evans is an inventive storyteller. She uses movement, music, and sound to weave a fabric of delight and understanding.

Sarah Sullivan showcased her new book, Passing The Music Down. The book relates the friendship between the late WV champion fiddler, Melvin Wine, and his pupil, Jack Krack, who learned old-time fiddling from Melvin.
Diana Tarantini is from Morgantown and presented her debut novel, Confessions of a Life Half Lived.

Judy loves this fellow. He is Fred Powers who tells of his raising in a coal mining community. His one-man drama, "Buried Alive: A Coal Miner's Story," has been performed across West Virginia.

Here is our Folk Festival partner who sings and reads her poetry. Susanna Holstein (Granny Sue) who is such a talented and busy lady. She maintains three active blogs and writes a monthly column for Two Lane Livin' Magazine. She has contributed stories for the Folk Festival newpaper for the past few years.

Tomorrow - The Quilt Show.


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