Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Singing Tent

Judy is in charge of scheduling the artists for the Singing and Storytelling Tent. She does a great job with the help of Susanna Holstein. There are many opportunities to sing at this Festival.

The schedule this year for the Singing Tent included Molly Gainer and Mary Shipley. They are the granddaughter and great granddaughter of WV State Folk Festival founder, Dr. Patrick Gainer. The Falling Branch String Band from Elkins lead the group on Saturday afternoon. Here are a few of the other musicians. Grayson Samples was accompanied by his Dad, Mack Samples, and his Uncle Teddy.

Jack Greathouse and Linda Moore are regulars at the Singing Tent. These folks are local musicians who do a great job!

Here is a talented fellow, John Lilly. John is the editor of the Goldenseal Magazine. John plays a variety of instruments. Judy and I love his yodeling.

Another local duo is Mike Morningstar and Rick Roberts. They sing old-time songs, songs about coal mines, and situations people face daily.

Here is the Mullenex family. Ron is the Dad and Rory his son. Ron plays with a band called Gandydancer.

I will leave you with another special local group, the Putnam Family Singers. Listening to them is a blessing. Such dedication!

Tomorrow - The Storytelling Tent


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