Monday, April 04, 2011

Pet Expo

You wonder why Judy was not interested in us attending the Pet Expo held this past weekend in Morgantown? It did not take 44 years of marriage to know that if I had attended that we would come home with a parrot, a spiny lizard, and a pot bellied pig!

The wild and wonderful made its way indoors this weekend at the Mylan Expo Center for the Second Annual All Pets Expo.But it wasn't all just cats and dogs; there were pets of all shapes and sizes.

"This is awesome. Because there's not too many events for dogs let alone dog parks. So, this is really something awesome. And its not just for dogs or cats, people had their goats here yesterday too," laughs Sherri Foyles with 4 Paws Up Pet Bakery.

"I've seen some pot belly pigs walking around and some goats. That you generally don't see at a pet expo," said John Lege, who has named himself That Guy With The Birds.

Animals of all kinds were welcome this weekend and they came from all over.

"We've had people come two hours, two and a half hours. We have vendors from Virginia, so we have people coming from all over the place, said Natalie Zellie, the promoter for the All Pets Expo.

And in only its second year, it is one of the largest in the area.

"Columbus is probably the biggest expo in the country and this one is right up there even though its about a third of the size," said Lege.

Lege travels all over the area with parrots that he has rescued and loves teaching the crowd.

"The reaction of the kids and the adults in some of the important facts that we put across that people really didn't know about, whether it be parrots or different birds from around the world. A lot of things here are very educational. Thats the main focus of it," said Lege.

His parrot program was just one of many unique shows throughout the weekend.

Pets could enter the ultimate air dogs dock diving competition to see who could jump the farthest.

"Its fun for the entire family. Lots of things to do for the kids to keep them entertained. There are lots of things to do, of course, for the dogs and the animals, but also the adults. The shows, the entertainment," said Foyles.

Organizers said that the shows from this years event were such a success, they hope to have them return again next year.


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