Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Penn Alps in 2011

On Sunday we met our Shepherdstown family along with John's Mom and Dad at Penn Alps in Grantsville, MD. This is about 1/2 way distance for both families. It is always super to see Jim and Jane Meeker, who now make their home in Arizona.

We enjoyed our visit and the meal was very good. It is so super to see our granddaughters. Man, they grow up fast.

Penn Alps has a neat craft shop.

I love the hand made rolling pins. This fellow does amazing and beautiful work. I bought two - a guy always needs three rolling pins. (Yes, bought first one in the Amish country!)

The wooden bowls are beautiful.

After our meal, the gals were ready to walk through the Spruce Forest Crafts Area. Shops were not open, but this did not stop our enthusiastic grand-daughters.


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