Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cataract Surgery and Salty Dog!

The good wife had her second cataract surgery on Wednesday. She is doing super. Judy had her first cataract removal in 2009. Dr. Fung of Clarksburg is a fine "eye guy." We arrived at the new United Hospital Center around 7 A.M. We were home early. The actual operation takes around 10 minutes. This is certainly a change from the past when recovery was an extended period with many physical limitations.

On Thursday, Judy had a followup at Dr. Fung's office on South Chestnut Street in downtown Clarksburg. Eye looked good. It was pouring down the rain as we left the office. We heard music coming from across the street beside the local GoMart. What! A group of wet musicians were playing "Salty Dog!" I took a photo of these guys with the ole iPhone. If you know anything about these musicians, let us know.

This closeup is grainy due to the resolution of the iPhone. Notice that the group is playing a banjo, a washboard around the neck and the guy in the black t-shirt had some type of percussion stick! My friend, Buddy Griffin, said that rain is NOT good for a banjo! Neither is the cold rain a good thing for the musicians!


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