Monday, September 20, 2010

WVU versus Maryland

This past Saturday we were treated to the football game between the Mountaineers and the Terrapins. Actually the mascot for Maryland is the Diamondback Terrapin.

The diamondback terrapin is a medium-sized turtle with a dark carapace, or shell, covered with gray scutes, or plates. The scutes:

  • Are unique to each terrapin, just like fingerprints are to humans.
  • Appear to form diamond-shaped concentric circles over the top of the terrapin's shell.

Adults diamondback terrapins have:

  • A yellowish or greenish-gray plastron (the underside of the shell).
  • A horned beak.
  • Webbed feet with strong claws.
  • Rough, scaly skin on the legs and neck.

Diamondback terrapins grow to about 9 inches long. Females grow larger than the males.

What am I doing? Here I am describing the biology of the reptile when I need to blog the WVU game?

The game started at noon. We arrived all in one vehicle (Jeff, Sarah, Shirley - Jeff's Mom, Ms. Judy, Sir Jim, and, of course, Nate and Sam!) As usual, the Milan Puskar Stadium was hopping.

Here is Jeff with Mom Shirley.

Everyone was wearing the ole blue and gold. I am sorry that I gave my genetic traits for the love of popcorn to these boys. Sammy devoured several boxes. Nate ate his popcorn for the first time and also discovered the joy in pouring the full boxes around his immediate environment.

The stadium was packed when the game started. It is always amazing to see the fans enjoying this great event.

Sarah did well. This was her first adventure out for an extended period after her operation.

Half time is always neat with the Pride of West Virginia - the WVU band- performing. They are excellent.

Here is Maryland's Diamond backed terrapin. If he only knew that the Diamondbacked Terrapins were almost destroyed in the early 1900's by humans eating their tasty flesh! This one looks too plasticized to become a gourmet meal.

WVU won 31 to 17. It was a fun day in Morgantown.


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