Monday, September 20, 2010

A Blast from the Past

This article from a 1977 Gilmer Democrat shows our Rachael with her pet lamb, Daisey.

The article reads "IN LIKE A LAMB- After the most severe winter in more than a century, March mercilessly came in like a lamb. Temperatures rose into the 50's on some of the first days of the month. Rachael Meads, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Meads of Glenville cavorted with her per lamb, Daisey, on a particularly nice day last week."

This lamb came from the Gordon farm and arrived at the Meads house when its Mom abandoned the beast. It was spring and we did not have a barn in which to keep Daisey. OK- we kept it in the basement. Daisey wore Pampers for months. We went from newborn Pampers to the toddler size. You would not believe how much money it takes to buy Pampers for a lamb!!


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