Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What a Fun Weekend!

Thursday through Saturday Judy and I had the pleasure of keeping our four year old grandson, Sammy. What a joy! Breakfast consisted of bear, snake, and Mickey Mouse pancakes. Did you know that when you make pancakes in the shape of a snake that you have to also form small snake eggs? Snake eggs are especially yummy. The first few photos were taken at the Gilmer County Recreation Center. Sammy, Grandma, and I had a gourmet picnic.

After eating our supper, it was time to play on the playground equipment. Well.........Sammy played and the grandma and grandpa watched.

Before we had to take Sammy to Burnsville to meet his Dad on Saturday, we went on a mighty fishing expedition to the wilds of Cedar Creek State Park.

A guy has to store up fishing energy by downing an ice cream bar.

You will notice the excitement that abounds when one is expecting to snag a bluegill!

We did not catch one fish. We did leave with a plethora of memories.


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