Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Sorry I have not updated the blog for the past f
ew days. I start this blog with the above pic of Sammy cleaning new potatoes at the Seebert Hilton. He is an amazing lad (as are all our grandkids!). Allow me to update you all on our Meads family happenings.

Plans sometimes often go astray... but that be life! The term "BORING" is not in our vocabulary.

On Wednesday of this past week, Judy and I hea
ded for Pix and Dan's cabin at Seebert located along the Greenbrier River in Pocahontas County. Sarah and Jeff and the boys were joining us on Friday evening. Sammy wanted to go "tent camping" and he was so excited.

Thursday around noon, Sister Judy called and sai
d that Mom was being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I headed to Spencer and left my Judy "Cabin Alone". Mom was disoriented and unable to walk. After being admitted to the Roane County Hospital, it was discovered she has cellulitis in her right leg. She began antibiotics by IV. She improved rapidly.

I left Spencer to return to the cabin on Saturday afternoon. I found the tent erected in the yard beside the cabin. Sammy loved the tent sleeping adventure. The tent was also enjoyed by Sarah and Jeff.

Well, Jeff................

Our Jeff is a light sleeper and I guess the local beagle kept him awake by sniffing around the tent all night. Nate slept in the
cabin with us. He solved the problem by using apple bombs directed at the friendly canine. (How can you sleep when you are busy picking apples all night and throwing them at the dog?)

Jeff and Sam went fishing at the river. Let's see .. it cost Jeff over $20 for a license and they got 2 little tiny bass. (couple of inches long). How much would that be a pound?

Sarah, Jeff, Sammy, and Nate left Sunday afternoon. Before they headed back to Bridgeport, we had lunch at Watoga State Park. Sunday was the kid's 12th wedding anniversary.

Judy and I stayed Sunday night and then cleaned the cabin and closed it up so it would be in fine shape for the next guests. We left late afternoon and headed for Spencer. Mom was discharged from the hospital this day (Monday). we picked her up and brought her back with us to Glenville. She will stay here for a while. We have to make certain she takes her oral antibiotics and watch that leg. (While in the hospital the IV meds were Unasyn and Vancomycin - her oral antibiotics are Augmentim (875 mg 1 2X day) and Cleocine (150 mg 2 3X day. You ask why I include this info- reason- so I can access the data easily if I loose the info.

Sister Judy starts her chemotherapy for the first time tomorrow. She has definitely Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Marginal Zone is the type. Her treatment will most likely be more serious than mine.

On the 16th I start the infusion of the cancer drug Rituxan. This is to help with my rheumatoid symptoms. Boy, it seems the medical guys are old members of our family.

Yep, boredom has yet to make its appearance in our family. Will keep you all posted on our adventures!


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