Monday, July 21, 2008

Fishing Weekend at Watoga

Bet you all wondered why no blogging this weekend. Judy and I took Mom Meads to Pix and Dan's retreat on the Greenbrier River at Seebert. Mom had not been fishing for several years so we did the fishing adventure on Watoga Lake on Saturday morning and again on Sunday evening.

Saturday was not too productive. Mom caught a small bluegill and it went back into the lake. Mom said "Now that was big enough to eat!" I assured her that it would not make a mouthful.

I caught a small bass, but once again it was (thankfully) not large enough to keep.

This weekend was beautiful. It was warm and sunny. We had gourmet meals. Mom Meads and Judy are watching me cook the polish sausages.

Notice the dark areas of wonderful third degree burns that always makes a hot dog tasty.

As I was grilling, I noticed at the base of Mom's chair a group of puffballs (maybe) located next to the wonderful large oak tree. These fungi fruiting structures were popping through the dry yard waiting for the next rain.

Back to Watoga Lake on Sunday evening and the fish were certainly more cooperative.

I caught this small bass and once again - NOT BIG ENOUGH TO EAT! Do you get the idea that I do not cherish cleaning the critters?

Ok, this one was in the eating range. I cleaned the beast and we fixed it for breakfast this morning. Mom Meads was excited and enjoyed eating every morsel.

We arrived at Seebert on Friday and left today. Last evening on the lake was magical with the green frogs making their unique banjo-like calls. Thanks again to our friends for sharing the resort with us!


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Hey Meads Family,
Sure like your blog. Would like to see your back 40 sometime.
Margie Smith
Gilmer Public Library

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