Friday, May 09, 2008

Decorated Wheelbarrows
Toward the end of the parade, folks participated in the Best Decorated Wheelbarrow Contest. If I had only known that was going to happen! I bet Judy and I could have given them a wonderful entry. Think about it - a wheelbarrow decorated with ramps and skunk cabbage and hosting a center piece of blooming Amormophallus! What an olfactory winner!

You can see that the contest had a carnival-like flavor with unicyclists and even tumblers on the street.

Flora enjoyed watching the kids with their mobile maypoles.

These kids were also enjoying the contest except for one of the cherubs who decided this was an excellent time to take a nap.

I would label the following photo - "Only In Shepherdstown!"

John is a Barrack supporter. Who would have known that Hillary Clinton would be on this spot the next week?

Tomorow we will post the May Day ceremony.


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