Wednesday, May 07, 2008

In Shepherdstown

Last Thursday we arrived at Rachael and John's home. We were so happy to visit with our Shepherdstown family, since we have not seen our panhandle family since the first of the year. Lucy is walking and starting to talk.

Grandma fixed spagetti and meatballs for the evening supper. You see how well Lucy ate this gourmet meal. Yummy!

Once Lucy was degreased, Grandma read to Lucy and neighbor Harper. What high energy these two kids exhibit!

Spring is a wonderful time and in Shepherdstown this is no exception. These flowers below were blooming along the wall in front of the house. Speaking of flowers, we have to mention Flora, who next year will be in preschool.

Since the yard had not been mowed, the dandelion population was huge. Grandpa had to show Flora how to make dandelion curls. She was excited to find how easy this technique produced fresh green spirals.

Tomorrow we will see the Shepherdstown May Day Parade.


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