Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our Blue Spruce

The spruce above, located on the corner of our lot, is 46 feet in height and was planted in the early 1970's. We received the tree from Washington State when my Mom brought it back with her in a suitcase. She flew to the Pacific Northwest to visit my grandparents, Ben and Olive Davis. Grandpa Ben was a retired Methodist minister and both of my grandparents loved to garden. My memories as a kid include picking their wonderful crop of raspberries and seeing Grandma's wonder flower garden. She loved calla lilies.

Well, the ole spruce has been dying in the past few years and we decided it was time for it to go to tree heaven. We contacted the GSC Forestry Department and two wonderful fellows from the Forestry Club arrived to take this part of our history away. Michael Goff from Ritchie County and Thomas Wilsoncroft from Harrison County arrived. I was gone to meet my Mom and Sister for lunch. When I returned, the project was completed. Judy said that she was amazed at the skill and care that these two foresters took in extracting the tree from our premises.

The two fellows are Seniors in the GSC Forestry program. They certainly know their business. I can not image me scaling a tree these days.

When the tree came down, the work of cutting and loading the wood began.

We certainly appreciate the work of these two gentlemen. What a cleanup job! You can not even tell that a tree has been removed except for the stump remanents at ground level.

It took less than an hour for the total project to be completed. Thanks, guys, for a job well done!


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