Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sammy and Easter

Well, we had a great meal on Sunday. Judy outdid herself. We had friends and family in for our Easter meal. Gloria and Gink Summers, Diana Frank, Sarah, Jeff, and SAMMY joined us for the ham and turkey lunch.

After lunch, it was Sammy's job to find the Easter eggs. Seems as if technology has taken over the Easter bunny who now lays plastic eggs these days!

One of Sammy's favorite TV shows is Blue's Clues. In this TV adventure, there are always three clues (marked by a blue paw print) and a fellow always have to record the clues in the notebook. Sammy looked for clues so he could find his Easter basket. Dad Jeff and Sam are now recording some of the clues found.

It is always important to have your notebook close by.

Another clue! Must have something to do with a bed.

Sam, indeed, found his basket and present on Grandma's and Grandpa's bed. It was a Little People Crane.



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