Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Parting Shots of Hilton Head

Well, the first of the week was chilly, but Sam and crew decided that the beach was the place to be! Notice Sam's COOL sunglasses! Mom Sarah is busy trying to telecommunicate and Sam is busy with his "treasure bucket".

Below are the three women of our abode, Judy, Sarah, and Shirley, and they are collecting sea fauna while trying to keep warm.

It is a great thing to see kids have their ocean experiences. Sam was not really frightened with the waves and he seemed to be mesmerized with the ebbing of the waves.

OK! Enough of the mesmerizing experience! It was time to get into some serious digging. Dad Jeff is teaching the subtleties of making sand castles- put the wet sand into bucket, dump bucket - you all know the drill.

Heck, Grandpa had enough of the beach. As you see from the photo below, I am as happy as a manatee living by a nuclear power plant when I am in a heated pool. Why would anyone go to the cold beach when one can float in 90 degree pool water?

Yes, I can float for hours. The kids are always amazed because I also sleep during my floating experience. I take a nap and never worry about sinking. (I know the physics has to do with body mass and a vast supply of lipids!)

While Grandpa is napping, the other family members get into the act. Hard to nap when people are splashing and having merriment next to you!

Judy and I had to check out the marina across from Palmetto Dunes. Once again there were many impressive sea-going vessels and many shops to enjoy. Judy loved the sign in one craft shop that said, "Unattended children will immediately be given an expresso and a puppy!"

Here is another.

I had to impress my good wife with helping King Neptune steady his trident. This statue is a really fine sundial. Only problem- twas Eastern Standard Time!

I would have enjoyed going on this tour where one goes crabbing and you get to fix your catch.

It was a lazy day for this group of Brown Pelicans and cormorants.

Let me leave our Hilton Head adventure with this photo of pelicans crossing the sunrise. It does not get any better than this!


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