Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Dolphin Adventure

The photo above shows all of the West Virginia crew preparing to go and locate dolphins. Sammy and Mom Sarah were still at a little under the weather and not feeling super.

Before we left the dock, several kayakers were heading out into the water. Later in the week, Sarah and Jeff were able to go kayaking.

What a wonderful place for a location for a hammock! It is located between the two trees at the tip of this peninsula.

First dolphin sighting!

A mother dolphin and her two little ones soon appeared beside our boat.

This sailboat guided by our dolphin craft. I can not see a sailboat anymore without thinking of our friend Dan (OK- and Judy!). As we were watching dolphins, Dan and Judy were sailing off the coast of Tortolla in the Virgin Islands.

All this dolphin watching really made us hungry. We ate at a neat seafood restaurant called The Oyster Factory.

A good sign - an anole welcoming us to the restaurant!

What can I say? The food was wonderful!

Sammy was still not feeling well, but he managed to tackle the corn on the cob!


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