Monday, January 14, 2013

 Christmas 2012 (well 2013!)

Sorry I have been lax on blogging lately.  As many of you know, we have had many adventures the last few months.  Hopefully things will settle down, but I am not banking on it!   

It was difficult to find a date in December when we could celebrate our family Christmas.  Our Christmas was finally scheduled January 5, 2013 at Sarah's and Jeff's.  As seen above, Grandma Great Meads was present.  At 88 she is so important in our lives.

The Dodson household provided food from Muriel's Italian Restaurant in Fairmont.  It was certainly yummy!

After lunch, we exchanged gifts.  Grandma Great gave all the grand kids mechanical animals as a gift.  Nate loved his bunny.

Lucy opened her kitten.

Flora received a baby bear complete with milk bottle.

All the kids received a plethora of books.  Grandma Meads saw to it that many books would be available throughout the year to each of the grand kids.  Reading is so important.

Nate received from Grandpa and Grandma a Spooner board which helps develop balance.  Sam had to try Nate's board.

The grand gals received roller skates.  It was fun to watch them tryng to balance themselves.

Sam received from us a skateboard.  He will catch onto this mode of transportation very fast.

It was, as always, a blessed time!


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