Monday, December 31, 2012

Final Blog of 2012

Sorry I have not kept up on blogging during December.  It has been a strange month!  It seems as if each month is becoming a little more interesting in our lives.  It is obvious that the destruction of the world did not happen as predicted by the Mayan calendar on December 21.  (Well the Mayans knew that and you would think our modern scholars would not advocate the possibility that the day would end our world as we know it!  I did wait until the 23rd to pay our bills!)

On that weekend of December 21st, Sarah and Jeff took the boys to Snowshoe for a skiing trip.  This is a beautiful mountain ski resort.

Nate is the novice.  He did fantastic!

Both the boys enjoyed the skiing experience.  They also went tubing down the mountain.  Weather was snowy on Saturday then the sun came out Sunday.  Temperatures were cold, but one expects that and dresses appropriately.

Sister Judy and Bill went to visit relatives in South Carolina during Christmas.  Grandma Meads stayed with us in Glenville.  We were going to have a quiet Christmas on Van Horn;however, due to a medical condition, we had to take the good wife on Christmas eve to the Emergency Room at WVU in Morgantown.  We dropped Grandma Great at Sarah and Jeff's house and headed North.  The visit turned out well so we returned to Bridgeport and shared Christmas with Jeff, Sarah, Sam, and Nate.  It was exciting to see them get out of bed on Christmas day to see if Santa had visited the Dodson household.

Yes, Santa was good to them and to the new family member, Rusty.

Oh my, Santa brought Nate a drum set!

The sounds of Rock Star Nate traveled throughout the house.

Grandma Great found a way to survive the experience and slept during drum practice!

We stayed with the boys this past weekend while Jeff and Sarah traveled to New York City for the WVU and Syracuse game (Pinstripe Bowl).  Not much of a game. 

Sarah and Jeff were able to see a show while in the city.  They saw the play - A Christmas Story.

Hope the best for you all in 2013!


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