Saturday, December 01, 2012


Well, it is about time that I catch you all up on what has happened in our lives.  On Wednesday, November 21, our grand kids were to arrive in the evening  Our Thanksgiving meal was planned for around noon!  Rachael, John, and the gals called and said that they were ill and it would not be able to be with us.  We certainly understood.

Sarah, Jeff, Nate, and Sam came on Wednesday and stayed the night.  In the morning you would never guess what they wanted for breakfast.  Yep, Grandpa had to make rainbow waffles!


Aunt Judy and Grandma Great arrived Thanksgiving morning around 10.  Judy, of course, had a puppet that was certainly appropriate for the occasion.

 Grandma Great looked super!

Grandma Great surprised sister Judy with a gift of a new Kendal  Fire. Grandma wanted to do something special for her since Judy is so good about checking on her, providing meals, and a plethora of other tasks.

Before the meal - Judy, being a retired elementary teacher, was asked to give Sam a private lesson on how to tie his shoes.  Sam caught on really fast!

Tomorrow - the meal!


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