Thursday, July 05, 2012

Kraus Picnic

On Sunday, July 1, in the midst the power outage after storms, Sharon and David were so kind to invite us to a neighborhood cookout.  Many old friends were there including the matriarch of the family, Sharon's Mom, Mrs. King.

Do you think these two guys are related?  Father and son - Dave and Mark- both narrow their eyes and lean forward, jutting out their chins.  To cause that level of concentration, Jim must have said something terribly wise that they want to think about and remember long into the future. (Judy's observation)

 Mark cooks up burgers, chicken, steak, and hot dogs.  When the frozen food is melting, the menu expands.

Check out this beautiful patio Dave constructed.  He and Sharon built their house bit by bit and keep making improvements and adding more nice features.

The Kraus family is very special to us with a friendship that goes back nearly 40 years. 

Food was delicious and it was a ..... to watch the kids in the pool.

Thanks to Sharon and Dave for inviting us to their special feed!


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