Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Mystery

Friend Diana emailed these pictures of critters handcrafted totally of wood. The wood art is fantastic, but we are at a loss who the artist may be. I would appreciate any help locating information concerning these photographs and the artist.

The only thing we have to go on is the pics are stamped with the website Here is a little background on the Arabic website.

Al Riyadh Newspaper is member of Al Yamamah Press Establishment.

The first daily newspaper published in Arabic in the capital of Saudi Arabia, first published on 11/5/1965 a limited number of pages and continued to evolve until it became published in 52 pages, 32 among them are color pages, some issues was published in 80 - 100 pages and more.

With "3 million cm / col a year" of advertising space, Al Riyadh Newspaper currently takes the lead in distribution, read and advertising rates in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the rate of distribution to more than 170,000 copies a day in the Kingdom and abroad, and edited by a selection of Saudi writers and editors, this make Al Riyadh considered as the first Saudi newspaper achieved (100%) in the Saudization in editing jobs.

Good luck in your investigation! Thanks!


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Name of the artist: Sergey Bobkov
See more at
; )

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