Friday, November 25, 2011

Canaan Log 4

The spring above is located just outside of Davis. It is a popular watering hole for residents and tourists. Brother-in-law Bill said that he was told that the spring is actually just a pipe that is tapped into the water tank located at the top of the hill. Guess this rumor is untrue. The locals say this is a true spring that runs throughout the year. They say that the water is never tested, but supplies drinking water to a plethora of folks.

On Saturday morning, Bill and Jeff went to Elkins to play a round of golf. Judy and I took a trip into Davis. (That is when we took the picture of the spring and the Canaan Golf course below..)

Around 3 in the afternoon, we had our Turkey dinner. After a prayer, expressing our appreciation for all of our blessings, ..... was time to carve the bird.

Sarah prepared a new recipe. It was a compote that complemented the turkey. The compote as made of dried fruits cooked in red sweet wine. Twas wonderful and the recipe is, indeed, a keeper.

We always have an abundance of wonderful food. Sour cream mashed potatoes, green beans, ham, rolls, and sweet potato casserole were added to the turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, and fruit compote.

I have to mention the desserts. We had a variety of pumpkin rolls, pecan pies, and apple pies. We did throw away the cremated pumpkin pies!

To complete the evening, the kids had a talent show and we sang hymns and other songs. Was a great day!

Tomorrow - The Canaan Experience ends.


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