Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Canaan Log 1

Last Thursday we headed to Timberline Resort in Canaan Valley. This is the third year that all of our family has gathered at Cedar Creek 35 in the Winterset area of Timberline. We use this weekend to celebrate our family Thanksgiving. We had snow upon our arrival.

Judy and I arrived at the house first. Bill, sister Judy, and Grandma Great showed up about an hour later. Sarah and Nate were the last to settle into the house. Nate was wearing his Indian accoutrements that he had made in nursery school.

The snow was short lived. Rachael, John, and the girls were to come on Friday. Jeff and Sam were also coming the next day after Sammy was out of school.

Typical of the valley, the deer were plentiful. These shots were taken as we drove through Canaan Valley State Park.

The buck was trying to impress the does.

Construction has started on the new rooms at the lodge. There are 3 old lodging units that currently have not been demolished. The steel is up for the two four story sections that are located beside the current lodge. This lodging update has been sorely needed for years.

A yummy meal of meatloaf with all fixings was prepared. We visited in the evening and went to bed early to prepare for the next day's activity.


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