Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Photo Shoot

In October, Mom Meads and daughter-in-law Judy were shopping in Kohl's, Mom wanted some warm pajamas. They found a cozy pair of red fleece sprinkled with snowflakes. Judy said it would be fun for the other four women going to our Canaan Valley gathering to have red PJ's as well. Sarah thought that was such a clever idea, so she took it a step further and ordered the four children and the three men festive nightwear as well. It was important to document this occasion so a family photo by the fireplace was in order. Judy and Bill donned their new attire.

Sarah and Jeff followed. All the kids were dressed in their new bed clothes , and we were ready for the photo event.

I set up the tripod and, with the camera timer engaged, captured the images of the four generations attending this gathering.

Someone suggested we take a funny photo - so here it be!


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