Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Howdy! The Meads clan met once again in Timberline (Canaan Valley) to celebrate early Thanksgiving. We arrived on Thursday (November 18) and enjoyed family time until we had to leave on Tuesday of this week (November 23). We also rented the same house as last year- Cedar Creek 35.

On Friday, we (along with Sarah and Grandma Great Meads) decided it was time to take a hike on the boardwalk along Freeland Road.

It was a beautiful sunny day with a cool wind blowing through the valley. Grandma Great was all bundled up.

Sarah wore her new winter hat. She should probably change her name to "Helga"! Yes, the blond pigtails are part of her hat.

Nate and Sam were walking the boardwalk as if they were participating in a marathon.

Sometimes a guy has to stop and just rest!

It is always neat to check out the wildlife areas. Beaver certainly are active in this area.

I love to stop and see closeups of what nature has to offer. Here are lichens growing on a hawthorn.

Ole Nate beat us back to the vehicles. It was a good walk! Tomorrow's posting will continue our adventures.


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