Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mom's Day at Rich Farms

Last week Sarah and her group of "Mommy Friends" headed for a fall celebration at Rich Farms in Smithfield, PA. The pumpkin patch experience is always fun for the kids.

Rich Farms is quite an entertainment center in addition to providing landscape services. Halloween is a scary time at the farm and the Christmas light display is great to observe. This day the kids hopped on the personal pumpkin transporter to take a ride to the pumpkin patch.

Nate had to try out his personalized Tonka truck before getting into the pumpkin activities.

What fun it is to play among those yellow orbs!

Nate looks seriously at this strange pumpkin. Don't think this would fit in the car!

Sam finally decided on the pumpkin that he wanted to take home. It may not be large, but we are certain it is a quality pumpkin!

Yep, fall is here. What a joy to see the excitement in the kid's faces!


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