Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sam, Banana, and Car!

Technology in child raising is constantly evolving. Here is Sam with his Banana Mesh Bag. Instead of worrying about choking on bananas, Sam has a banana placed inside of this blue mesh bag and he is able to work the fruit through the openings in the mesh. After some time working the banana through the mesh, the banana does not look too yummy. Sam does not seem to mind.

Gotta love that hair! I call him my little Van de Graff. Only when I was teaching - when we placed students on the static generator, the Van de Graff - have I seen such fine hair raising.

Sam is now pulling himself up and crawling. Walking is just a moment away. Oh Sam, what is your mode of transport? Aw, your blue sports car is ready to go.

Sam's Dad (Jeff) also has a new toy. It's not blue, but is it a really super vehicle.


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