Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another Hoax!

You guys who are Facebook Friends already know this story. As I was searching Google for trail cams, I was directed to today's edition of The Gilmer Free Press. Hark, here was a picture of a cougar (Mountain Lion seen above) and the post stated that Kenny Varner of Webster County, WV, captured the cougar on his trail cam. This hoax has been making the internet rounds for years.

The specific photo has been attributed to at least 10 other states. Experts say that it was most likely taken in Texas. Two of my Face Book friends (Both having the same name!) quickly identified the source of this photo. Thanks gals- you passed my test! Prizes are coming soon to a mailbox near you!

I will tell you that friend Jason Miller of Grass Run captures amazing photographs on his trail cam. He posts many photos of Gilmer County bear, huge white tailed deer, coyotes, turkey, and a plethora of other critters passing through his neck of the woods. I really enjoy and appreciate his posts. By the way, Jason is a very fine fisherman.

I did setup a trail cam in the woods in back of our house. Here is the first species captured using the cam technology. I am a little scared due to the size of this critter. Will ask Jason what he thinks. Maybe I should stop using a whole bison as bait!


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