Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Beach and the Eateries!

The above photo is of another beautiful sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean at Nags Head.

There were not many fishermen on the beach during our stay. We did see a fellow land a ray, but I am certain that he would have rather caught another species.

Judy and I were sitting on our balcony when a cloud bank moved in. The combination of clouds and sunlight made a super interesting sight.

The fine eatery below was one of our favorite places. The name, Rundown Cafe, is in reference to their soup.

Rondon is a rich, delicious traditional Jamaican party dish and is very popular on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. The name is the Patois pronunciation of “run down”.

“The vast variety of fishes, small game, and wild and domestic meats available to the coast people, in combination with the foods they cultivated on their land, kept them well fed, to say the least. Preparing a meal rarely entailed a trip to the shop. It was merely a matter of “running down” the ingredients in the bush, in the sea, or on the farm. The thrifty housewife put everything together in one pot, simmered it in coconut milk, and called it “rundown” for everything she was able to “run down” that day. If it included fish, yam, plantain, scallions, palmito and Panamanian pepper, it could hardly be better.”

We had great fish tacos. Judy agreed with me that the Key Lime pie was the most amazing we had ever tasted.

OK- this next photo was taken by my good wife. She could not believe how this lad could ever walk with his pants located down past his buttocks.

Another place that had fine food was Mako Mike's. Judy has always had to desire to hug a shark!

I ordered softshell crab, which is a culinary term for crabs which have recently molted their old exoskeleton and still soft. The whole crab (claws and all the interior structures) is battered and deep fried. This dish is offered only for a short period of time since the molting process is very temporal.

Tomorrow - Manteo


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